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Public Function is a weekly show talking all things technology, software, development, gaming and related topics. Your hosts are Albert Park and Greg Parsons.

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  • 036: Peak Phone

    17 September 2019  |  1 hr 38 mins
    amd, apple, apple watch, applecare, destiny, docker, evga, google, intel, iphone, jj abrams, macbook pro, mechanical watches, model 3, note, nvidia, pixel, ram, s10, samsung, tesla, tizen, wearos, wireless charging

    This week, Albert and Greg discuss the hardware of the day. Greg pontificates on peak premium products. Albert watches the giants leave the wheelhouse. We talk smartphones, laptops, computing hardware, gaming, cameras, and more!

  • 035: With a Wide Enough Net

    20 August 2019  |  1 hr 35 mins
    a11y, accessibility, bit, chrome, codepen, codesandbox, create-react-app, css, date-fns, dev tools, firefox, framer x, guppy, heatmap, kent dodds, momentjs, proton-native, react, react-bits, react-diff-viewer, react-lifecycle-visualizer, react-proto, react-sight, react-testing-library, storybook, typescript, webpack-bundle-visualizer

    This week, Albert and Greg talk React tools and toys. Greg has an eye out for the visuals. Albert don’t need no stinkin’ GUI. We discuss lifecycles, prototyping, awesome lists, and more!

  • 034: The Aristocrats

    13 August 2019  |  1 hr 43 mins
    actions, aristocrats, arrays, atom, babel, ci/cd, circleci, errors, es10, es2015, es2019, es6, fleabag, github, gitlab, javascript, microsoft, objects, open source, symbols, travisci, try catch, typescript, xray

    This week, Albert and Greg bring you the news. Greg ponders pipeline product providers. Albert sees both the beginning and the end of things. We open source projects, Javascript features, and more!

  • 033: Ketchup

    8 August 2019  |  44 mins 25 secs
    bootstrap, css, css grid, flexbox, microsoft, project management, pulitzer, tooling, typescript

    This week, Albert and Greg are coming at you from the past! Enjoy these clips from the show covering CSS, Typescript, Shopify, project management, Microsoft, and more!

  • 032: Studio Time

    30 July 2019  |  1 hr 21 mins
    audacity, behringer, bitwig, bootstrap, coffee, compression, css, fireside, forestry.io, garage band, guitar amp emulation, headphone amplifier, java spring, limiter, logic, marantz, microphones, mobile-first, mvc, mysql, noise gate, podcasting, rails, ruby, shockmount, tripod, usb audio interface, webhooks

    This week, Albert and Greg talk about our podcasting gear and setup. Greg seeks clarity in USB mics and workflows. Albert brings you behind the scenes on the making of Public Function. We talk XML, famous acoustics, guitar amps, and more!

  • 031: 1000 Keepers

    23 July 2019  |  1 hr 41 mins
    adaptive themes, algorithms, away, dsa, google, intellij, java, luggage, pair programming, python, screenhero, scripting, slack, sublimelinter, typescript, varmilo, vscode, webrtc, xda

    This week, Albert and Greg discuss pair programming. Greg seeks help with a difficult Google API, and gets homework. Albert wants to see how other coders work. We talk Java, photography, keymappings, luggage, and more!

  • 030: Be Better

    16 July 2019  |  1 hr 52 mins
    a6400, a6500, apsc, atom, chromebook, classic chrome, deion sanders, fuji, intellij, ipad pro, keyboards, lightroom, moment, nikon, samyang, scale, sigma, sony, sublime text, ultrawide, visual studio code, wide angle

    This week, Albert and Greg talk tips for becoming a better developer. Greg searches GitHub for good examples and dead branches. Albert explains ergonomics effects with primetime quotes. We talk cameras, lenses, editors, and more!

  • 029: Cacophony of Voices

    9 July 2019  |  1 hr 51 mins
    alfred, audeze, beats, beyerdynamic, bose, bowers and wilkins, docker, fzf, github, gulp, intellij, iterm, itunes, java, joaquin phoenix, kotlin, macos, master and dynamic, microsoft, mojave, mvn, noise-cancelling headphones, nvm, peacock, pyenv, python, qc25, qc35 ii, rbenv, refurbished, ruby, sony, spotlight, sublime text, tmux, visual studio code

    This week, Albert and Greg discuss fresh gear. Greg seeks headphone nirvana, and sets up a new machine. Albert collects compact keyboard layouts. We talk software, editor configs, npm, theming, and more!

  • 028: Long Long Text

    2 July 2019  |  1 hr 33 mins
    bear, blogging, command palette, contentful, css, gatsby, ghost, highlight js, ia writer, inline preview, markdown, node, nodemon, passwords, prism js, qa, rich text, typora

    This week, Albert and Greg are back from hiatus. Greg looks for Markdown solutions for his site. Albert finds fascinating feature flags. We talk blogging, backups, new networking protocols and more!

  • 027: Infinity Cough

    18 June 2019  |  1 hr 11 mins
    5g, ansible, arm, bash, beta, ccna, chrome canary, chromebook, chromium, citrix, cloud, compressor, cpu, dns, dynamics processor, e3, fiber chromecast ultra, firefox developer edition, fortnite, founder's edition, freenas, fuschia, geforce now, google, homebrew, i/o, ios 13, latency, limiter, mtg arena, mute switch, nas, noise gate, nvidia, openwrt, pfsense, pi-hole, reddit, router, seti, stadia, synology, tomato, vscode, wwdc, youtube live, zsh

    This week, Albert and Greg talk games and gaming. Greg envisions a cloud-based computing future. Albert breaks down big gaming businesses. We talk hardware, Google Stadia, internet possibilities, and more!

  • 026: A Compendium of Fantastic Achievements

    11 June 2019  |  1 hr 39 mins
    articles, blogging, burnout, coding horror, console log, content api, contentful, david walsh, digital ocean, fonts, ghost, github pages, gitlab, godzilla, graphql, highlight js, java, jeff atwood, lightroom, links, netlify, pictures, prism js, seo, single page app, styled components, taglines, troy hunt, typescript, writing

    This week, Albert and Greg continue chatting about portfolio sites. Greg seeks internet fame through words, spoken and written. Albert gets lazy with his CSS. We talk blogging, fonts, website design, writing process and more!

  • 025: The Accordion

    4 June 2019  |  1 hr 31 mins
    1984, api, aws, bulma, cdn, chrome, circleci, cloudfront, contentful, css, firefox, flexbox, framerx, gatsby, highlight.js, horizon, hover, json, keycdn, lambda, mailgun, markdown, open source, outrun, react, route 53, rss, s3, sass, sketch, ssl, storybook, syntax highlighting, travisci, webhooks, zeplin

    This week, Albert and Greg talk about portfolio sites. Greg deftly defines dynamic domain distribution. Albert formulates form function fundamentals . We talk coding on Linux, CSS, testing APIs, lazy developers and more!